Ever get hungry and realize you don’t really have any “ready” food? This is a great, fast, and delicious dish that’s pretty easy to make! I’m pretty sure it’s healthy too.


  • 1-2 Cups pre-cooked rice (Leftover rice works best, but fresh is fine too!)
  • Some kind of vegetables (I used Costco’s frozen Normandy mix)
  • Soy Sauce
  • 1 egg
  • Rice wine (optional!)

First, pre-heat your pan to a medium-high heat. I use a rather large frying pan when I make fried rice, even if I’m making a small amount because it gives you more space to work with! Put some butter or oil on the pan so your veggies won’t stick.

If your veggies are frozen, throw those in first! Pour some rice wine on the vegetables to give them some more flavor ;) Once the vegetables are more or less thawed, add your rice.

Cook them together for a bit. Pour in soy sauce so that the rice takes a light brown color. Now, it’s time for the egg! 

If you are using a large enough pan, push ALL the rice and veggies to the other half of the pan to cook. Use the open space to fry and scramble your egg. Then, mix it. If your pan isn’t large enough for that, you can just mix the egg in with the rice and veggies.

Turn up the heat, and cook until there’s some light browning on your vegetables.


Put it in a bowl or on a plate, and eat!

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